Attending Fashion & Runway Shows, Just like the Pros

A woman in a blue dress standing in front of a stage

Maybe it’s the beautiful models in the incredible clothes, the bright flashy lights, or maybe the goody bags. Whatever your reason for wanting to attend a fashion show, here are some tips to get you through the show like a pro.

Obtaining tickets to attend a fashion show can be quite difficult if you are not already part of the industry. Most of these shows are by invite only, and if you ever get the opportunity to attend, make sure you go. Getting into one show, can lead to getting into more shows.

Generally speaking, only people who are in some way beneficial to the show are invited. In addition to the models showing off these great clothes, you will see a lot of press, PR personnel, store or fashion house owners, designers, and of-course, celebrities. If you are a big spender, for a specific designer or fashion house, you may also be invited to the show. Play simple and interactive betting games atทางเข้าufabet/ so you can complete the list of attractions that follows.

A fashion or runway show, is merely an opportunity to show off a new line of clothing and/or accessories. And what better way to get some attention than the inviting celebrities and models, and having them prance around in front of the media.

At some fashion or runway shows, you will be greeted at the door with goody bags and complimentary drinks. These bags can have everything from makeup to moisturizers, even accessories and jewelry. A goodie bag is simply a way of saying, “Thanks for attending”, and “Hey, check out these awesome products”, all at the same time.

Where you are seated for the show, will very much depend on the tickets you have obtained. The front rows are generally reserved for those closest and most important, to the designers and the show. You will also see areas for press and PR personnel. Wherever you are seated be sure to be courteous of those sitting around you.

A few general rules you want to remember when attending a fashion or runway show are:

  1. Stay in your assigned seat or area. Don’t try to switch to a better seat, or keep getting out of your seat. It is disruptive and disrespectful to the models, designers, and presenters, and trust me, people will notice.
  2. Be courteous of the models and designers. Pay attention to the show and be quiet. Keep your conversations and chatting with neighbors, to a minimum and watch what you say. You never know if the person you are talking to, could be someone related to the show. Voicing your derogatory opinion to someone of this stature, could make this the last fashion show you ever attend.
  3. If you see celebrities or famous designers, don’t lose your cool. Stay professional and respectful, and you may even get a chance to talk to them, or possibly an autograph. Don’t go running across the room shouting, and drawing a crowd. Celebrities and famous designers are people too, and they deserve respect like everyone else. They like to be able to attend these functions without out of control fans and the paparazzi, going crazy.
  4. Turn off your cell phone during the show. You are at an event with amazing entertainment, who do you really need to talk to while you are there. Wait until after the show to make phone calls and make sure that your ringer is off during the show.
  5. Keep in mind that just because you are in the door, doesn’t mean they cant make you leave for being noisy or disrespectful. Attendees of these shows tend to be high profile, and professional, so you need to show the same professionalism and courtesy, to blend in.

Attending a fashion show can be a once in a lifetime experience. Many people dream of attending these incredible events, but never get the opportunity. It is a great experience if you are trying to break into the fashion or modeling industry, or even as a reporter or journalist. Just be sure to follow these simple rules, so you can attend the shows, just like the pro’s.