Guide To Unlock A Cell Phone


Unlocking your phone will help you save money and allow you to use it on another provider’s network. This process is free for current or former AT&T customers and does not change the radio communication technology. If done correctly, unlocking your mobile phone will help you avoid international roaming fees. Before you attempt to unlock your phone, you should be familiar with the steps involved and with useful tools such as

Unlocking your phone is the act to protect your password

To use a cell phone not locked to a specific carrier, you must first unlock the phone. This process is not available for 2G/3G phones on CDMA or EV-DO networks. However, it is applicable to 3G devices on GSM networks. Most GSM devices are prelocked to a particular carrier. However, there are still unlocked phones. For a fee, you can unlock a locked phone through your wireless carrier. To unlock the device, you must meet certain conditions. Among them: paying the full price for the phone and being in good standing with your service provider.

It’s free for current and former AT&T customers

Unlocking a phone from an AT&T network is free, but there are some requirements that need to be met. First, you must have paid for your phone and have not had an active AT&T wireless account. Additionally, you must have had the device for at least 60 days and have not reported it stolen or lost. You must also have a new wireless number, not tied to an existing AT&T account.

AT&T will send an email with instructions for unlocking your phone after you complete these steps. Then, you’ll need to wait for the unlocking process to begin. The unlocking process can take up five business days.

It saves you money on international roaming charges

Traveling abroad can be made easier by unlocking your phone. International roaming costs can run into the hundreds depending on where you travel. These charges can be avoided by using a local SIM.

A phone that functions as your own will make it easier to travel internationally. Access to internet service can be useful for booking a hotel, getting directions or calling home. Depending on your carrier’s international roaming costs, however, data use outside the US can prove costly and stressful. Additionally, you might be charged for every second spent online. This can impact your budget.

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