DIY: Etched Running Horse Dinnerware

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This elegant looking dinnerware is easy to make, and can dress up any western dinner table!

For this craft, you will need:

– 10″ clear glass plates

– Masking tape

– Scissors

– A pair of plastic gloves

– A soft brush

– A jar etching cream (found in craft stores)

– A running horse stencil

– Fine point overhead marker

Start first by washing and drying the plate thoroughly. With the running horse stencil and the fine point overhead marker, trace the pattern onto the top of the plate. Place the plate face down on your workspace. (You will be working with the bottom of the plate, so that the design shows through the glass.) Due to the nature of the etching cream, covering your workspace with news print or other protective paper is highly recommended. This could be a fun a hobby and project to do after playing some บาคาร่า online.

Use the masking tape to cover all areas on the bottom of the plate that you wish to stay clear. With the scissors, cut out the detail of the running horses, so that the area traced on the reversed side remains uncovered by the tape. Press the tape down firmly with your fingers to assure it has secured to the plate.

Wearing the gloves, begin to apply the etching cream to the horse design with a soft brush, using vertical strokes. Allow the cream to set for ten minutes before rinsing. Remove the masking tape. Next, wash and dry the plate. Replace the old tape with new in the same area as previously done, making sure to cut the tape to match the running horse design. Apply another coat of etching cream, this time making horizontal strokes instead of vertical strokes in the area you wish to be frosted. Again, allow the plate to sit for ten minutes before rinsing, removing the tape, washing, and drying. (All overhead marker should be rinsed off the front of the plate by this point.)

Turn your plate over and admire your new running horse etched dinner plate! When finished, these plates are beautiful but washable by hand only.

TIP: This project works well with colored plates as well. Consider amber colored glass for a real western feel. Or, add a dark blue glass or bright red glass for a colored effect. Also, consider using other stencil ideas such as a horseshoe, a star, or any other western themed pattern or any mixture there of. Be creative!