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Garden furniture, sometimes called outdoor furniture or patio furniture, is a specific kind of furniture especially meant for outdoor usage. It’s normally made from weather-resistant material like aluminium, which is also rust-proof. The oldest surviving examples of this sort of garden furniture have been found in the gardens of Pompeii during ancient times. They were made from cast-iron, while the most recent ones are made from high-quality resin materials.

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There are many benefits of using outdoor furniture including versatility and durability. This sort of furniture is made to withstand all kinds of weather and is thus perfect for a wide variety of settings. It keeps the guests cool or warm depending on the season. These days most of these are specially designed for durability and are made of polyurethane resin, which keeps heat. Resin is thermally fused together using a patented waterproofing compound and for that reason it maintains heat within the furniture.

Polyurethane is the best substance to use in garden furniture as it resists moisture, mildew, corrosion, warping, buckling, and temperature change. It’s resistant to ultraviolet rays and acid rain. Resin is non-allergenic and mold and mildew resistant. In addition, it’s resistant to termites and fire and it is hypo-allergenic.

One of the main things to consider when buying outdoor furniture upholstery is its maintenance and care. The majority of the resin materials used in the manufacturing process are naturally impervious to water. However, it’s still suggested to remove the cushions when there is snow or water since they can easily warp or becoming damaged by splinters. Moreover, care must be taken to ensure that the cushions are dry cleaned once in a while.

Teak is another material widely used for outdoor furniture upholstery. There are several pros and cons associated with using teak. For starters, teak is quite durable and it can resist various kinds of weather conditions. Moreover, teak is resistant to mildew and if made correctly, it can even out the colour of the wood.

Teak is also resistant to mildew and its color does not fade easily. The furniture made out of teak is resistant to ultraviolet rays and it is considered as the best material for furniture that’s exposed to direct sunlight. However, one of the major drawbacks of teak is that it easily gets damaged if exposed to extreme temperatures. Even though it is durable, it can become brittle when exposed to extreme temperatures. It can also become brittle if moistened.